Video: Top 10 Financial KPIs for Security Integrators

SIA Integration Insights: Top 10 Financial KPIs

We’re back with the newest episode of SIA Integration Insights, a series of video content designed to help integrators like you succeed and grow your business. And back with us is SAGE Integration Chief Operating Officer (COO) John Nemerofsky with another excellent summary of key performance indicators (KPIs) you should be studying in your security integration business. If you’re the owner, COO or finance leader, you know these KPIs, and if you want to grow as a leader in your company (or take your company to the next level), then these 10 KPIs are financial numbers you have to follow.

Here’s what John recommends as the top 10 financial KPIs security integrators need to track:

  1. Gross profit margin
  2. Operating profit margin (EBIT or EBITDA)
  3. Operating expense ratio
  4. Net profit margin
  5. Working capital
  6. Current ratio
  7. Liquidity
  8. The Berry ratio
  9. Cash conversion cycle
  10. AR-AP ratio (accounts receivable to accounts payable)

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