Video: How to Prepare for Your Sales Calls

Want to be better at sales or improve your accounts team’s performance? Our SIA Integration Insights video series for security integrators returns with the second in a multipart series designed to improve your sales skills. Vector Firm Co-Founder and President Chris Peterson has been providing modern-day sales training for the security industry, and he joins us for the Integration Insights series to share some of his best practices for preparing for sales calls with your prospective customers. What’s best is that these tips are relevant for both in-person sales calls and your virtual sales calls.

Here are a few of the things Peterson says you should do to prep for that sales call for a security project:

  • Send a confirmation email in advance
    • Include everyone who will be in the meeting
    • Include an agenda
    • Include a glossary of terms so you all speak the same language
  • Send your clients questions for pre-meeting consideration
  • Connect with them on LinkedIn
  • Arrive 10 minutes early
  • Turn off and shut down all distractions
  • Begin with chat and develop rapport

As he says, these are not complicated, but how you prepare sets the tone for the entire meeting!

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