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Indoor Positioning Systems

Examines modern indoor positioning systems technologies that utilize devices for purposes of locating and tracking people and objects.

By Ray Bernard, PSP, CHS-II​I​​​


Cloud-Based and Hosted Access Control: Opportunities for Dealers and Integrators

Examines cloud-based and hosted access control in a vendor-neutral manner.

By Joan Engebretson

Mitigating the Rick of Workplace Violence in Health Care Settings​​

Mitigating the Risk of Workplace V​iolence in Health Care Settings

Examines risk factors, regulations and compliance, ​and offers recommendations related to personnel training and technology.

By SIA Health Care Interest Group​

The State of Security Video Analytics​​

The Hidden Value in Store​ ​Security Systems​

Assesses how retail establishments can rely upon video and access control tools for security but also to improve their bottom line

By Ron Hawkins, Director of Industry Relations​

The State of Security Video Analytics​​

The State of Security Video Analytics

​Reveals the current state of video analytics technology and considerations for modern deployment

By Ray Bernard, PSP, CHS-III​

IP Connectivity Over Non-Category Cables

IP Connectivity Over Non-Category Cables​​​

Explores the IT infrastructure considerations required for advanced
IP connected security equipment

By David J. Engebretson, ​​ESNT, TTT, CFOT, Network+​

The Compelling Case for Unifying IT and Physical Security

The Compelling Case for ​Unifying IT and Physical Security​​​

​​Outlines how organizations can use technology to effectively address a combined threat landscape​​​

By Thomas L. Norman, CPP/PSP​

Big Data and Privacy for Physical Security

Big Data and Privacy for Physical Security

​​Examines the business expectations regarding Big Data supported security technology including privacy​​​

By Ray Bernard, PSP, CHS-III

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