AI, Drones and Robotics Interest Group

SIA’s AI, Drones and Robotics Interest Group (formerly the Autonomous Security Robotics Working Group and the Drones and Robotics Working Group) brings together members of the security industry, end users, technology experts and other interested parties to promote best practices regarding the use of robots in security, develop research, offer guidance on legislative and regulatory matters and enhance communication and collaboration.

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Public Safety Working Group

The Public Safety Working Group focuses on improving the safety, security and sustainability of communities. The group is comprised of SIA members, security practitioners and first responders who combine their experiences and insights to develop resources regarding the effective and responsible implementation of security technologies.

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CSI MasterFormat Working Group

The CSI MasterFormat Working Group seeks to ensure that the MasterFormat construction specifications for security and life safety equipment, especially those contained in Division 28, are appropriate for current technologies and uses.

MasterFormat, from the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and Construction Specifications Canada, provides an organizational structure that is an important tool in the construction and architecture and engineering fields. The document’s Division 28 lists titles and numbers for “Electronic Safety and Security,” but that section had not been fully updated since 2004. In 2014-15, the MasterFormat Division 28 Working Group produced a set of recommendations to overhaul Division 28 to reflect the current state of security technology. Those recommendations were incorporated into the 2016 edition of MasterFormat.

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Cybersecurity Advisory Board

The Cybersecurity Advisory Board is a board-appointed group of industry cybersecurity experts whose mission is to guide SIA members ahead of potential cybersecurity issues related to electronic physical security measures. The board provides prescriptive guidance and advocacy for new and existing cybersecurity strategies and solutions. This leadership enables SIA to prepare its members for challenges related to wider adoption of the Internet of Things and the use of secure networked devices for security.

SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board Seeking Volunteers

Cybersecurity Advisory Board Call for Volunteers

The SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board is a collection of representatives from SIA member organizations and partners that are involved in activities geared toward improving the cyber-resiliency of the physical security industry.

The group advises SIA’s Board of Directors, staff and membership on cybersecurity initiatives that have the potential to improve the cybersecurity posture of the industry, including but not limited to creating and curating content in the form of papers, webinars and research; advising education committees on cybersecurity education; providing comment and analysis on cybersecurity-related legislation or standards; and liaising with other associations and organizations on cybersecurity efforts.

The Cybersecurity Advisory Board is looking for:

  • Company leaders who are setting technology strategy
  • Product management leaders
  • Integration project management leaders
  • Security system designers
  • Cybersecurity legal/policy experts
  • Cybersecurity consultants
  • Cybersecurity researchers with physical security portfolios

SIA envisions the plenary committee will meet via web conference for one hour per quarter, with most initiatives developed virtually by ad-hoc working groups.

Joe Gittens and Cameron Walker-Miller serve as SIA staff liaisons and ensure a balance of experience, talents and interests on the Cybersecurity Advisory Board. Interested individuals can contact Joe at or Cameron at

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Data Privacy Advisory Board

The Data Privacy Advisory Board provides information and best practices to help SIA members handle sensitive data in a safe and secure manner to protect the personally identifiable information of their employees, partners and customers from potential breaches. The board leverages the collective expertise of industry professionals, law enforcement, security practitioners and data privacy experts to inform and educate SIA member companies about methods for mitigating the risk of data breaches.

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Investment Trends Working Group

The Investment Trends Working Group presents information on electronic security-related capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and investment developments to members of the security industry and investors.

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