Unlock 20+ Hours of Training With SIA’s Microlearning Series

Looking to boost your industry knowledge in 2021? The Security Industry Association (SIA) has released new webinar-based training courses to help! SIA’s Microlearning Series provides easily accessible on-demand, interactive learning for security professionals, and your purchase of the series gives you instant access to approximately 20 hours of training. Each module is $19 for SIA members and $29 for non-members, or you can purchase the full series for $65 (members) or $95 (non-members).

These educational modules are designed to be short and concise, allowing members to dive deep into focused aspects of each topic. SIA’s Microlearning Series offerings include:

  • Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR): To assist security dealers and systems integrators in leveraging RMR to increase company value, SIA has developed a five-part RMR business model training program. The RMR Microlearning Series covers five topics: key strategies in finance to build RMR and change management, myths of the RMR business model, transitioning to a RMR business model, vertical markets and SIA RMR roundtable.
  • RISE: This series, created by SIA’s RISE community for young security professionals, provides tools and guidance to help early-career professionals and experienced security professionals continuously learn and grow. Topics include advancing your career while working remotely, change management, success from failure, conquering conflict and project management.
  • Security Sales: This sales training program highlights how to understand security practitioner needs, identify and differentiate cybersecurity byers, use technology to improve your sales process, recognize issues that hold sales representatives and account managers back and even leave a great voicemail.
  • Data Privacy: This series is designed to enhance SIA member knowledge of key privacy concepts and issues, including best practices, risk management, privacy legislation and regulations, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and personally identifiable information.

SIA plans to develop additional webinar-based microlearnings in 2021 on topics that are of strategic value to our members, such as doing business with the government, frictionless access control systems, cybersecurity, project management and workforce development. Learn more about the Microlearning Series and purchase the training here.