Video: 5 Sales Qualifying Questions That Work

SIA: 5 Sales Qualifying Questions That Work

The Security Industry Association’s (SIA’s) Integration Insights video series for security integrators returns with a look at how sales professionals for security integrators can use qualifying questions on your sales calls. Vector Firm Co-Founder and President Chris Peterson has been providing modern-day sales training for the security industry, and he joins us for the latest Integration Insights episodes to share some of his best practices for asking questions on sales calls with customers.

Here are the five things you must ask about on a sales call for a security project:

  1. Ask “Why” About the Project
  2. Ask About the Decision-Making Process
  3. Ask About the Budget (the Right Way)
  4. Ask Who Else Is Competing
  5. Ask About the Criteria

And remember, like Chris says, the order in which you ask these questions and how you ask these questions make a big difference!

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