Resources for COVID-19 and Business Continuity

COVID-19 Resources

In light of the evolving situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Security Industry Association (SIA) wants to express our concern to all SIA members and to the broader security industry, particularly any individuals and companies being directly impacted by the coronavirus. This message from SIA CEO Don Erickson highlights SIA’s promise to do all we can to support your business during these uncertain times.

SIA recognizes that the spread of this virus could affect employee health and your business’ continuity. As such, we have provided a selection of public informational resources below that anyone can access to prepare for this public health emergency. Our thoughts are with all those persons directly impacted by and those responding to this global public health situation, and SIA will continue to guide members to additional resources.

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In this on-demand session from the 2020 SIA GovSummit, Zane Arp, director of the Division of Biomedical Physics at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and Jason Ouellette, head of technology business development at Johnson Controls, explore different applications of fever detection, thermal imaging systems and camera technology during COVID-19 recovery.


SIA, the Electronic Security Association (ESA) and The Monitoring Association (TMA) conducted a nationwide survey of members in order to better gauge the impact COVID-19 has had on electronic security and life safety businesses. The results of this survey confirm the electronic security and life safety industry is being negatively impacted despite its role as an essential service in our economy.

Guide to State and Local COVID-19 Programs

Guide to State and Local COVID-19 Programs

This Guide to Local and State COVID-19 Programs has been compiled as part of the SIA and ASIS International partnership to create response-related resources and direct both organizations’ members to current information. The document is a state-by-state guide to programs, with web links and additional notes.


Details on benefits to small businesses in COVID-19 stimulus bill now signed into law

RESEARCH RESULTS: How Security Industry Companies Are Returning to Work and Working From Home

SIA, with the support of the Electronic Security Association (ESA) and The Monitoring Association (TMA), surveyed the industry to find out how firms were managing remote work and thinking about returning to the office following the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's what we learned from our survey.

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COVID-19 entrance queue

SIA Submits Letter to FDA Addressing Thermographic Systems

SIA submitted a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Stephen Hahn with a focus on an awareness that some companies are not following FDA guidelines related to the use of thermal imaging systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. The letter also encouraged the enforcement of FDA’s guidelines. The letter is available here.


SIA and ASIS International are partnering to jointly provide resources for security professionals and security industry businesses and organizations. Key focuses of the partnership will include business continuity, government advocacy and the collaborative creation of educational resources and informational content.

ASIS International COVID-19 Resources Page: ASIS International has actively collected a number of resources to aid their members and the public, which includes link to key informational resources and educational content.

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SIA-ESA-TMA Letter to Public Safety Leaders on Importance of Security, Fire, Life Safety and Monitoring Services

The Security Industry Association, the Electronic Security Association and The Monitoring Association, in partnership with hundreds of industry executives, are calling state leadership to ensure that essential emergency services are not suspended or impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The organizations have drafted a letter that has been signed by nearly 500 leaders of industry businesses.

The electronic security and life safety industry associations also partnered to create a letter from the three associations sent directly to federal, state and local officials.

Latest Updates and Upcoming Programs

SIA Airport Security Market Report

Physical Security Vertical Market Assessment: U.S. Airports

By Kara Klein, Associate Director of Marketing and Media Relations, Security Industry Association | June 20, 2023

This 2023 vertical market report, produced by Omdia exclusively for SIA, provides research and statistics on the market for physical security equipment and solutions in United States airports. It examines key market trends, drivers and barriers for airport security, how the market has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic and how to win business with airport end users.


Security After COVID report cover

Security After COVID

By Kara Klein, Associate Director of Marketing and Media Relations, Security Industry Association | February 14, 2023

In this SIA report sponsored by Maize Marketing, explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the security industry, from new measures like health screening and face covering requirements to the lasting changes as society returns to normal.

Pandemic Changes in Building Access Are Here to Stay: Moving Toward Mobile Access and Touchless Sensors

By Norbert Artur, Aiphone | April 6, 2022

Security in multitenant buildings and condominium complexes has been evolving for many years. Property managers continuously look for ways to ensure the safety and security of individual living spaces, as…

Security Market Index November/December 2021 report cover

Security Market Index: November/December 2021 Edition

By Kara Klein, Associate Director of Marketing and Media Relations, Security Industry Association | November 23, 2021

From Seed to Sale: Securing a Cannabis Operation Poses Unique Challenges

By Brad Wareham, Salient Systems | November 9, 2021

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing verticals in the United States, offering a variety of opportunities for businesses seeking to capitalize on continued state deregulation. Amid global shutdowns,…

convergence concept

The Long Path to True Convergence: Where Do Things Really Stand and Why Have They Not Progressed Further?

By Willem Ryan, AlertEnterprise | November 9, 2021

The ongoing digital transformation means limitless opportunities for those who can harness the digitization of the physical world safely and effectively. But these changes have forever altered the threat landscape,…

vaccines being administered

What SIA Members Need to Know About Federal Contractor Employee Vaccination Rules

By Jake Parker, Senior Director of Government Relations, Security Industry Association | October 19, 2021

With the Dec. 8 deadline for federal contractors and many subcontractor employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 fast approaching, affected security industry suppliers are building and implementing compliance programs.…

SIA Security Market Index August-September 2021 report cover

Security Market Index: August/September 2021 Edition

By Kara Klein, Associate Director of Marketing and Media Relations, Security Industry Association | September 13, 2021

Provided to SIA members as a review of current market conditions, the August/September 2021 Security Market Index showed strong industry confidence with a SMI of 64, despite new shutdowns and fear over the delta variant of COVID-19.

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Foundation for Advancing Security Talent Extends Free Job Postings to the FAST Jobs Board for SIA and ESA Members

By Kara Klein, Associate Director of Marketing and Media Relations, Security Industry Association | August 30, 2021

Electronic Security Association and Security Industry Association members will be able to list jobs for free through 2023 to help the security industry recover from the business impact of the…



COVID-19 Resources
COVID-19 Resources
COVID-19 Resources

  • State and Local COVID-19 Response Information: This state-by-state guide from MultiState Associates provides state of emergency and executive order status for all 50 states, in addition to links to state health websites on COVID-19.
  • Summary of CARES Act SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) & Loan Forgiveness Program: This document summarizes key provisions of the CARES Act, the new U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) PPP and loan forgiveness program and answers key questions on who is eligible, allowable uses for PPP loans, application requirements and more.
  • SBA PPP Frequently Asked Questions: This PDF resource from the U.S. Department of the Treasury provides timely additional guidance regarding the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program, including answers to common questions about lender requirements, small business borrower eligibility, the scope of PPP loan coverage and more.
  • Guide to State Executive Orders: The Council of State Governments has collected all executive orders in a single page.
  • COVID-19 2020 State & Local Government Report: Policy tracking firm Stateside delivered this PDF document that tracks executive actions, legislatures affected, worker protection, mass gathering limitations, retail closures, and orders related to non-essential businesses and workers.



Webinars and Training Content


  • PSA Security Network COVID-19 Resources: PSA Security Network has developed resources of value for their network of security and AV integrators; many resources linked are also relevant to the broader security industry.
  • Teleworkr Service from TekMonks: SIA member company Tekmonks is offering its cybersecurity-focused teleworking solution, Teleworkr, to SIA member companies at no cost. To learn more about it, visit or email Komal Dureja, global director of sales and marketing, at to set up a quick demo or to help you get this implemented today.
  • Tips for Remote System Design & Virtual Site Surveys: This webinar training (available on-demand and in scheduled live formats) from SIA member company System Surveyor covers how to use virtual tools like web and video conferencing along with the firm’s digital system design platform, enabling your design, surveying and sales teams to stay productive while on limited travel.
  • COVID-19 Situational Report From AS Solution: AS Solution has compiled this information page that tracks statistics and significant developments in the spread of COVID-19 in a format particularly useful for global risk and security managers.
  • Identiv COVID-19 Tips and Solutions: Identity solutions firm Identiv provides product recommendations and deal on remote authentication solutions. The firm also provides guidance on keeping data and remote employees secure.
  • Iomniscient Automated Fever Detection Product: Member firm iOmniscient reports that it has launched an automated technology solution for fever detection.