Below is a list of approved mentors for the 2022 cohort of the Talent Inclusion Mentorship Education (TIME) mentorship program.

Applications for the 2022 TIME program are now closed. Check back soon for details on the 2023 program!

Aaron Bergquist

Aaron Bergquist

Regional Security Manager Meta
Outside of work I enjoy DIY home projects, spending time with my
read more wife and dogs and learning new things.

Adam Donato

Global Security Area Manager
When I am not doing great things at Meta, I enjoy backpacking,
read more woodcraft, and volunteering at my church. I find that backpacking is the perfect combination of deep reflection, expressing gratitude, and pushing my body to the limit. I love when I finally summit a peak, or finish a long day and can feel the reward of hard work in my body. I can reflect on my accomplishment and celebrate it while surrounded by creation. I like to build cigar humidors and other small pieces of furniture. I find it mentally refreshing to focus my mind on one thing, a single cut, an intricate carving, or the perfect shine when finishing. It is a needed change of pace from that fast paced world of corporate security. At church I lead a men's Bible study. This is a wonderful opportunity to give back. There is nothing more rewarding than joining another man on his spiritual journey. For many, this is the most important part of their life and it is a privilege to share in the journey and practice servant leadership.

Andy Farmer

VP Biometric Devices NORAM
During my free time I enjoy playing golf, wood working, reading and
read more spending time with my Wife and three Children. Our Family enjoys travel and spending time at any beach environment we can locate while always learning details about where we travel.
Bonnie Mitchell

Bonnie Mitchell

Global Security Manager
Outdoor activities: hiking, biking, running and swimming
Caroline Rhodes

Caroline Rhodes

Engineering Manager
Outside of work, I enjoy running, gardening, cooking,
Read more hiking, swiming and just about any outside activity. Before moving my family to our newest location, I was a very active participant in youth sports and coached both boys' and girls' soccer. I also started an after-school girls' basketball program to introduce the sport and provide an opportunity for kids to exercise in a non-competitive environment.

Chris Wilson

MXV Consulting
I enjoy spending time outside (hiking, camping, riding motorcycles) and
read more relaxing with a good glass of wine with close friends
Colin DePree

Colin DePree

Sales Strategy
Salto Systems
Outside of work my life mostly revolves around my family. We love to
read more travel and stay plenty busy with after school and weekend activities. Beyond family I am a sports enthusiast, I try to play as much golf as possible (but with 3 kids under 7, that doesn't mean a lot). To keep my mind right I practice Yoga and picked up a bit of a puzzle addiction during Covid.
Fadil Zain

Fadil Zain

Integration Sales
Allegion Canada
During the summer months, I enjoy being outdoors as much as...
Read more possible, swimming in my pool or at a lake, going for bike rides on trails, walking or hiking trails and playing sports like golf, soccer, basketball or frisbee. In the fall and spring months, I enjoy playing ball hockey and football and walking till the weather gets cooler. During the winter months, I enjoy reading indoors, but for outdoors I try to go snowboarding regularly. In order to enjoy all these activities, I try to maintain a fit lifestyle and work out 4-6 days a week doing calisthenics and HIIT training like CrossFit.
Gary McGill

Gary McGill

LaForce Inc.
Interests: motorcycle riding and traveling to new places with my wife
Janet Fenner

Janet Dabice

Defined Marketing
Interests: art history, hiking

Jim Black

Director Security Architect
I like enjoying the outdoors with my family, exercising and competing
Read morein all manner of sporting... endeavor. I love to cook almost as much as I love eating pie. Volunteering, giving back and paying forward are fixed lifelong passions.

John Nemerofsky

Chief Operating Officer
SAGE Integration
I love spending time outdoors, camping , hiking , snow shoeing ,
read more running and golf with my daughters and fiance.
Jon Harris

Jon Harris

Senior Product Manager
Fitness/Running, I coach Highschool and Youth lacrosse and am teaching
Read more myself how to write... computer program code. Avid reader. .
Josh Cummings

Josh Cummings

EVP Technology
Paladin Technologies
I like to hike, play guitar, spend time with my family, watch my daughters play sports and
Read more barbecue while not at work.
Kathleen Carroll

Kathleen Carroll

Managing Partner
Seven Seas Strategic Communications
Interests: writing, reading, playing piano, spending time with family and working out
kelli copy

Kelli Dutto

Director of Employee Sucess and Portfolio Management
Travel (non-COVID times), any kind of water sport, connecting with family & friends, hiking...
Kelly DeLeo

Kelly DeLeo

Senior Manager, End-to-End Solutions
Axis Communications
There are a number of hobbies that interest me, and here are the three primary ones that
read more represent the majority of my time outside of work. First, I've been playing team sports since early childhood, and have continued to play soccer in my adult life. (When COVID isn't preventing team sports) I am co-captain of three concurrent soccer teams and spend time with my teammates off the field as well - plus it's where I met my fiance. During COVID, running has taken the place of soccer for my exercise time. Second, I'm an avid reader. I mostly read fiction - fantasy, science fiction, and some women's fiction - but I'm always in for business book recommendations! Third, getting creative with food and cooking is a hobby my fiance and I share. Last year I set a challenge for myself to learn how to cook with miso, and in the process uncovered a number of new and exciting recipes as well as upping my game with brussels sprouts (an unexpected but delicious combination). As with all things in my life, I tend to invest in those things I am passionate about so a few other areas you would likely hear me talking about are the Boston Bruins, red wine from Southern Europe, and going on adventures with my dog, Poch.
SIA Security Project Management instructor J. Kelly Stewart

Kelly Stewart

Managing Director & CEO
Newcastle Consulting, LLC
Hiking, Lifting, Chess, Stamp Collecting, Visiting historical landmarks

Kevin Hendershot

Strategic Accounts Manager
Genetec, Inc.
When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my family. My two adult
read more children are both away at college working on their Masters so I cherish the time their back at home on holidays. Otherwise I enjoy working out during the week and then bicycling, hiking, camping and traveling with my wife over the weekends.

Kim Hooper

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
I enjoy international travel and adventure sports such as white water rafting, sky diving,
read more zip line, and mountain climbing. I'm an adrenaline junkie! I love spending time with family, cooking, shopping, and collecting rhinos. There are four characteristics of a rhino that I believe all leaders can learn from. I'm excited to share those with you as your future mentor!
Lee Odess headshot

Lee Odess

General Manager of New Market
With 2 kids under 10, 2 dogs and a loving wife... my family is my hobby outside of work 🙂 ...
Read more I also love running, spending time with friends and sports.
Leigh Dow

Leigh Dow

VP, Marketing
I love to read and cook. I also sit on a number of nonprofit organization boards for causes...
Read more I'm passionate about. Most of the boards I sit on are related to either humanitarian causes or STEM programs.
Michael Lapiore

Michael Lopriore

Global Security Area Manager
Meta (Facebook)
I am an Outdoors Family Man, and Part Time Athlete 😉 ! I enjoy
read more outdoor sporting activities. I enjoy fishing, and hunting. My girls and I take several Bass Fishing Trips, and Upland Bird Hunting Trips throughout the year. I enjoy staycation, and quick road trips around Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana with the family. I just started practicing BJJ, and I'm really enjoying it. I've found it as a great form of therapy, and very humbling experience.

Quang Trinh

Professional Services Manager
Axis Communications
Avid old school gamer with a collection of old vintage games
read more starting from Atari to Commodore64. I actually repair old electronics board to revive these older machines. I build out AI solutions using Neural networks and edge devices. I also spend time with other organizations to promote and inspire young kids in STEM. Currently volunteering with 100 Black men project in Florida to provide a career path to coding and engineering. Other than that spending time with my kids and helping them with their activities and supporting them in their sports and school events. I am vice chair or ASIS and work with local professionals to build out their network and career path.
Rodger Schmidt

Rodger Schmidt

Technical Trainer
My family is my biggest hobby as I get older and have a grandchild. We enjoy being outdoors...
Read more hiking, working around the yard and every summer traveling extensively around the world. When indoors, I enjoy cooking when I don't get kicked out of the kitchen by my young ladies and wife.
Shad McPheters

Shad McPheters

General Manager
Northland Controls
Interests: the outdoors (camping/hiking/fishing/white water rafting), history, the ocean
Sheryl Maas

Sheryl Maas

Guardian Zone, LLC
I love to travel internationally, read, watch horror movies and learn about history.
Steve Oplinger

Steven Oplinger

Senior Integration Consultant
Tusco Inc
Interests: magic tricks, fishing, gambling
Tim Wenzel

Tim Wenzel

Head of Global Security Privacy Protection
My hobbies include hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing and tennis.
Tracy Larson

Tracy Larson

Interests: the outdoors, hiking, skiing, reading, fitness, travel and national parks