Talent Inclusion Mentorship Education (TIME)

Mentees Wanted! Apply for the 2024 TIME Program

Grow your career and discover your mentor in the security industry! Don't wait; applications are due April 26.

About TIME

The Talent, Inclusion, Mentorship and Education (TIME) program, presented by the Security Industry Association and its RISE Committee, is a mentorship program for early and mid-career security industry professionals. TIME was designed to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and empowerment of underrepresented identities in the security industry by creating a well-defined pathway for learning and development.


To create and maintain a security world full of diverse people, cultures and preferences.


  • Career Development: Connect early and mid-career professionals, as well as students, with established industry professionals to further career growth and talent development
  • Skill Enhancement: Build and create a sustainable community of support through collaboration, networking and skill building
  • Recruitment: Attract students to the security industry by providing insights on the wide array of career opportunities.
  • Executive Leadership Development: Promote executive leadership development opportunities that will encourage diversity within the ranks

The SIA TIME mentorship program runs for 12 monthly sessions and has semiannual orientations. Participation in the program does not guarantee a mentee a promotion or selection into a future position within their company.

Mentee applications are now open for the 2024 TIME program! Don't wait; apply by Friday, April 26!

TIME Mentors and Mentees: Looking for Your Mentorship Portal?

We made some changes to the mentorship portal to make it easier for you to use.

Video: Is TIME the Best Security Mentoring Program Out There? (Spoiler: We Think So.)

About the Mentors

The TIME mentors are an impressive and diverse group of security industry professionals, coming from a wide variety of companies and holding executive leadership positions and roles in engineering, sales, operations, project management, standards, distribution and more. Check out our group of dynamic mentors here.

Why Apply

The SIA TIME mentorship program is designed help you thrive by creating valuable learning experiences and meaningful developmental opportunities. As a TIME mentee, you will be able to:

  • Complete program activities designed to enhance career development
  • Exchange information and receive feedback from experienced industry professionals
  • Evaluate your current skill set and identify areas for growth
  • Increase your visibility, open doors and enrich your industry network

What are you waiting for?

Stories From Our Mentors & Mentees

“The TIME mentorship program has proven to be one of the most effective and rewarding mentoring programs I have encountered during my decades in the security industry. Everything about TIME mentorship supports well-rounded and inclusive interactions between professionals yielding significant tangible benefits equally for both mentors and mentees. I’m proud to have been selected to serve as a mentor and look forward to continuing to take advantage of this fantastic and unique professional development opportunity within the security industry.”

– Jim Black, director, physical security standards and controls, Microsoft

"TIME is an outstanding forum for experienced security professionals to offer guidance to a new generation of industry leaders. Participation in the program not only positively shapes a mentee’s future but is also an opportunity for mentors to discover new trends, new methods and new perspectives on workplace issues." 

– Cameron Javdani, president, SoundSecure

“The TIME program is great because it gives young professionals a free opportunity to learn from more experienced security professionals in a one-on-one environment. There are scheduled discussions for the program as well that help frame what will be discussed with the mentee/mentor, but at the same time the conversation can really focus on anything of relevance. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone in the security industry that is either new to security or younger and hoping to learn more about the industry!”

– Derrick Ramage, sales development representative, security, Gallagher

"I absolutely love the mentor/mentee program. The ability to help my mentee open doors and push forward in an industry that was new to her was incredibly rewarding. Every conversation with my mentee was worthwhile and exciting. Not only did she learn, but I did as well. Being able to see the industry in a new perspective from a younger individual was eye-opening and refreshing. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back and for what I have learned."

Janet Dabice, president, Defined Marketing

"The security industry has needed a program like TIME for many years. This program provides a great opportunity to move the industry forward by sharing knowledge and skills with a new generation of security professionals. I recognize how difficult it is to access and learn from experienced security professionals. TIME has been a great tool for me to connect with and assist young security professionals and to help them grow both professionally and personally."

– Charles LeBlanc, project executive, IMEG Corp

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