Bylaws, Policies and Rules

The Security Industry Association (SIA) maintains the following set of bylaws, policies and rules:

SIA Bylaws

Bylaws and rules regarding the SIA corporation, membership, directors, officers and more, approved by the SIA Board of Directors.

Membership Code of Ethics

Required principles of conduct for SIA member companies and administration and action for noncompliance.

Privacy Policy

SIA's practices and policies around information collection and use, personal data, communications, surveys and polls, sharing, the SIA mobile app, orders, cookies, log files, links and more.

Antitrust Policy Statement

SIA's policy to comply fully and strictly with federal and state antitrust laws and information on the U.S. antitrust laws of primary concern to associations and to SIA, prohibited agreements and discussions, information exchanges and benchmarking, certification/standard setting/industry self-regulation and public policy advocacy/lobbying.