Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board

The Security Industry Association (SIA) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advisory Board, launched in 2023, has a mission to engage regulators on emerging AI issues and provide recommendations, guide development of definitions and standardizations of AI behavior in the security industry, drive the adoption AI solutions balanced within a defined risk management framework and promote the ethical AI application for equitable outcomes. The board is separated into three subcommittees (education, regulatory and standards) to drive actionable and agreed upon outcomes. Potential activities for the board may include:

  • Monitoring, supporting and drive AI regulation in the United States
  • Developing AI training courses, guidance for integrators and security practitioners
  • Supporting National Institute of Standards and Technology AI activities
  • Commissioning AI research reports
  • Guiding development of security industry standards on AI solutions
  • Guiding development of security industry selection guidelines for AI solutions

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