Buildings incorporate life safety systems to protect human life during an emergency. They include fire suppression systems like sprinklers, smoke removers, emergency detection and notification, emergency communications systems, and emergency power systems. SIA works with partners like the National Electrical Manufacturers Association to advocate for the adoption of smart policies for life safety systems.

stage at Perimeter PREVENT 2023
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Event Report: Perimeter PREVENT – the Premier Perimeter Security Event

Highlights From SIA’s Gathering of Industry and Government to Address Critical Issues Related to Perimeter Defense for Physical Environments On Nov. 1, 2023, the Security Industry Association (SIA) hosted Perimeter PREVENT, a free daylong symposium examining critical issues related to perimeter defense for physical environments, including government and commercial facilities, critical infrastructure, events and more.…

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government building
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Making the Case for a Systems Approach to Ballistic Security

In Bullet-Resistant Systems, Key Components Come Together to Build Something Greater For those unfamiliar with ballistic security, it would be easy to assume the process is as simple as a single piece of bullet-resistant glass. The terms themselves – “ballistic”, “bulletproof” and “bullet-resistant” – tend to inspire confidence, and the average person may not be…

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A "blue light" phone emergency call box
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Call Boxes in a Mobile Age

Transitioning to apps is not as clear cut as it may seem I am attending a university orientation tour, and our guide is talking about the importance of safety/security and policing at the university. This piques my interest. The guide points to a call box and says, “These call boxes are located throughout the campus…

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Member Perspective: The Rise of Indoor Gunfire Detectors

Indoor gunfire detection has long been a high-value but high-priced addition to a complete security solution. Fortunately, we are reaching a nexus of technology and demand that will remove the largest barriers to entry. As converging market forces and shifting security priorities make such systems as essential as smoke detectors, the next generation of gunfire…

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Crotega, ISC West
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New Member Profile: Crotega

New Security Industry Association (SIA) member Crotega – based in Minneapolis, Minnesota – was started after the Sandy Hook shooting by founder and CEO Jody Allen Crowe. As a former school administrator who had spent 25 years in school buildings, most of that time in high-risk schools, Crowe saw the need to protect school children…

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