Environmental, Social and Governance Advisory Board

The Security Industry Association (SIA) Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Advisory Board, announced in 2023, is intended to encourage greater information sharing among SIA members – and their partners and customers – about established environmental, social and governance practices. The ESG Advisory Board serves as a platform for dialogue about these critical marketplace issues, which may lead to enhancing ESG strategies to meet customer expectations, global ESG standards, investor interests and government requirements. Potential activities for the board may include:

  • SIA facts sheets/briefings summarizing key provisions of globally recognized socially responsible practices such as the UN Global Compact
  • Case studies of proven ESG practices that may be shared with consumers, security practitioners and potential employees
  • Thought leadership to security practitioners about managing ESG threats related to enterprise security
  • Recognition of members that achieve defined ESG goals established by the advisory board
  • Educational sessions at ISC West and other industry events
  • A SIA-promoted industry community service day
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Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board

The Security Industry Association (SIA) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advisory Board, launched in 2023, has a mission to engage regulators on emerging AI issues and provide recommendations, guide development of definitions and standardizations of AI behavior in the security industry, drive the adoption AI solutions balanced within a defined risk management framework and promote the ethical AI application for equitable outcomes. The board is separated into three subcommittees (education, regulatory and standards) to drive actionable and agreed upon outcomes. Potential activities for the board may include:

  • Monitoring, supporting and drive AI regulation in the United States
  • Developing AI training courses, guidance for integrators and security practitioners
  • Supporting National Institute of Standards and Technology AI activities
  • Commissioning AI research reports
  • Guiding development of security industry standards on AI solutions
  • Guiding development of security industry selection guidelines for AI solutions
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Executive Advisory Board

Established in 2017, the SIA Executive Advisory Board (formerly the SIA Executive Council) is a panel of security industry thought leaders from SIA member companies.

The advisory board serves as a forum in which members offer input into how market developments influence SIA’s strategy and key initiatives and make recommendations to the SIA Board of Directors regarding ways to grow member value.


  • Chair: Ken Francis, Eagle Eye Networks
  • Bill Brennan, i-PRO Americas
  • Maureen Carlo, Arcules
  • Ray Coulombe, SecuritySpecifiers
  • Andrew Elvish, Genetec
  • Robert Lydic, WaveLynx
  • Eva Mach, Pro-Tec Design
  • John Maffey, M3T Corporation
  • Stephanie Mayes, SiteOwl
  • Chuck O’Leary, Bosch
  • Eddie Reynolds, iluminar Inc.
  • Paul Schmick, Alliance Security
  • Joey St. Jacques, Feenics/ACRE
  • Yaron Zussman, Magos Systems
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Built Environment Advisory Board

The Security Industry Association (SIA) Built Environment Advisory Board (formerly the SIA Proptech Advisory Board) was created to foster engagement between the proptech community and the global security industry through partnerships, education and thought leadership. The group’s objectives are:

  • Education: Developing educational content such as presentations, collectively researched papers, webinars, informative newsletters and curated resources and making them available
  • Thought Leadership: Commenting on and providing feedback on initiatives inside and outside of SIA that focus on proptech, including standards activities, legislation, position papers and requests from the media
  • Networking: Partnering and collaborating with companies and organizations on proptech-related activities
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Utilities Advisory Board

SIA Utilities Advisory Board logoSIA’s Utilities Advisory Board demonstrates thought leadership on compliance and technology topics of interest to professionals managing security at a wide spectrum of utility facilities. It develops recommendations and guidance for the physical security and cybersecurity of utilities infrastructure, offers formal responses to security rules and guidance proposed by regulatory agencies, shares knowledge with related industries and develops content for SIA events and publications.

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Identity and Biometric Technology Advisory Board (IBTAB)


Using multiple biometric markets and factors for authentication

About the IBTAB

Mission Statement

Our mission: To promote the advancement and adoption of innovative biometric and digital identification solutions to secure critical assets, protect individual identity, safeguard propriety data, and enhance consumer experience. Biometric and digital identification solutions must be used in an ethical and lawful manner, without discrimination against any particular individual or groups. The SIA Identity and Biometric Technology Board (IBTAB) is an exclusive advisory panel to the SIA Board of Directors. IBTAB is comprised of biometric and digital identification experts who guide SIA’s engagement with operators of critical infrastructure both in private and public sectors. IBTAB’s technical expertise focuses on the operational and scalable features embedded within advanced biometric and digital identification solutions, and IBTAB members are prepared to work with policymakers and decision makers interested in understanding such solutions.

Membership Criteria

Eligibility for membership in the IBTAB extends to SIA manufacturers and solutions providers who perform research and development, design, testing, distribution, and deployment of biometric and digital identification solutions. Member companies include:

  • EyeLock
  • IdentyTech Solutions
  • Leidos
  • Microsoft
  • Paravision
  • Princeton Identity
  • Rank One Computing
  • SAIC
  • Suprema
  • Veridas
  • ZKTeco

Advisory Board Members

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Cybersecurity Advisory Board

SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board The Cybersecurity Advisory Board is a board-appointed group of industry cybersecurity experts whose mission is to guide SIA members ahead of potential cybersecurity issues related to electronic physical security measures. The board provides prescriptive guidance and advocacy for new and existing cybersecurity strategies and solutions. This leadership enables SIA to prepare its members for challenges related to wider adoption of the Internet of Things and the use of secure networked devices for security.

The SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board is a collection of representatives from SIA member organizations and partners that are involved in activities geared toward improving the cyber-resiliency of the physical security industry. The group advises SIA’s Board of Directors, staff and membership on cybersecurity initiatives that have the potential to improve the cybersecurity posture of the industry, including but not limited to creating and curating content in the form of papers, webinars and research; advising education committees on cybersecurity education; providing comment and analysis on cybersecurity-related legislation or standards; and liaising with other associations and organizations on cybersecurity efforts.

SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board Members

The Cybersecurity Advisory Board is comprised of the following individuals:

  • John Deskurakis (Chair), Carrier
  • Antoinette King (Vice Chair), Credo Cyber Consulting
  • Josh Chin, Net Force
  • Chuck Davis, Caveat Labs
  • Wayne Dorris, Axis Communications
  • Kasia Hanson, Intel
  • John Gallagher, Viakoo Inc.
  • Will Knehr, i-PRO
  • Min Kyriannis, Amyna Systems Inc.
  • Rachelle Loyear, Allied Universal
  • Pauline Norstrom, Anekanta Consulting
  • Bruce Webbe, Meta
  • Patrick J. Simon (Utilities Advisory Board Liaison), Beehive Technology Solutions LLC
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Data Privacy Advisory Board

The Data Privacy Advisory Board provides information and best practices to help SIA members handle sensitive data in a safe and secure manner to protect the personally identifiable information of their employees, partners and customers from potential breaches. The board leverages the collective expertise of industry professionals, law enforcement, security practitioners and data privacy experts to inform and educate SIA member companies about the importance of protecting personally identifiable information.

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