Women in Security Forum Steering Committee and Subcommittees

SIA Women in Security Forum - WISF Power 100
The SIA Women in Security Forum’s mission is to engage all security professionals to promote, recruit and cultivate the leadership of women for a more inclusive and diversified industry. Through programs, professional development and networking events, the committee engages members, both men and women, who share this goal. Join the SIA Women in Security Forum to stay current on the group’s latest activities, initiatives and events.

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WISF Sub-Committees Volunteer Roles
AmbassadHER (formerly Membership) is responsible for the WISF Ambassador program and oversees the recruitment of Members into the Women in Security Forum Chair: Mina Rawji
LeadHER (new) subcommittee is responsible for the annual WISF/ASIS event of the same name. Co-Chairs: Kasia Hanson, Elaine Palome
NavigateHER (formerly Professional Development) subcommittee is responsible for providing the women in security with relevant content (podcast/webinar/online library) and coaching. Subject matter shall be equally divided between professional development and self-care. Co-Chairs: Kasia Hanson, Beth Anderson
UpliftHER (formerly Charitable Giving) subcommittee is responsible for putting WISF’s mission into action through acts of kindness tied to signature ISC bi-annual events. Co-Chairs: Margie Gurwin, Katie Krug
AmplifiHER (formerly Scholarship) subcommittee is responsible for the creation of a scholarship fund that enables women in security with education opportunities and will oversee Power 100, Progress and any other awards for women within security. Co-Chairs: Tia Eskandari, Martha Entwistle
IlluminateHER (formerly PR and Marketing) subcommittee is responsible for outbound public relations and collaboration with the Security Industry Association PR/marketing teams. Attention will be paid to website content and quarterly newsletter. Co-Chairs: Candice Aragon, Jenna Hardie
StrengthenHER (new) subcommittee is responsible for shepherding women owned businesses and matchmaking for those interested in pursuing entrepreneurial pathways within security. Co-Chairs: Tracy Larson, Sheryl Pickney-Mass 
PropelHER (new) subcommittee is responsible for the feeder program of collegiate and professional female athletes into the security industry. Co-Chairs: Alice DiSanto, Shawn Ruddo
SupportHER (new) subcommittee is responsible for male allyship through intentional, positive, and conscious actions to exercise one’s sphere of influence to hardwire bridges and inroads for women within the security industry. Chair: Chris Peterson


  • Creation of the Security LeadHER conference in cooperation with ASIS International
  • Creation of the WISF Power 100, an initiative honoring 100 women in the security industry each year who are role models for actively advancing diversity, inclusion, innovation and leadership in the community
  • Women in Security Forum Keynote event series at ISC West
  • Women in Security Forum Breakfast series at ISC East
  • Coordination with media for profiles of female leaders in the security industry
  • Creation of the SIA Women in Security Forum Scholarship, designed to further education and professional development and promote advancement for a diverse security workforce (more than $284,000 in scholarships awarded)
  • Creation of the SIA Progress Award recognizing advancement of opportunities and success for women in the security industry
  • Sponsorship of the Women in Biometrics Awards, which recognize distinguished female leaders in the biometric identity and security industry
  • Creation of charitable giving initiatives, including the CAN DO Challenge and Essentials 4 Job Security Giveback programs
  • Launch of the Women in Security Forum Speakers Bureau, a resource for anyone who wants to bring diverse perspectives to their conferences and panels