Physical Security Vertical Market Assessment: Health Care

Physical security solutions installed in health care facilities must maintain a difficult balance and protect patients, staff and assets, including pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. However, health care organizations must also provide welcoming environments, and they need to ensure that the quality of medical care provided is not negatively affected by their security systems. Physical security solutions, ideally, should help facilities operate more efficiently as well as more securely. The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced several new challenges. Hospitals have had to treat significantly higher numbers of patients while upgrading operational processes to be more "COVID-secure," which has involved restricting visitors, quarantining sections of buildings and increasing the use, storage and disposal of personal protective equipment and related medical equipment. Security technology providers can play an important role in helping health care end users meet these new challenges. This vertical market report, produced by Omdia exclusively for the Security Industry Association (SIA), assesses the U.S. market for physical security equipment in health care, examining market drivers and barriers for the health care vertical, the role of security technology and biometrics in helping health organizations combat the pandemic and legislation and regulations impacting the health care sector. The report offers:

  • Health care security equipment market research
  • Insights into advanced technologies being used by health care end users
  • Statistics on health care physical security expenditures
  • A review of key drivers and barriers shaping security investments in the health care market

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