Physical Security Vertical Market Assessment: U.S. Higher Education

SIA Physical Security Vertical Market Assessment: U.S. Higher Education

About the Report

This report, produced by Omdia exclusively for SIA, provides research and statistics on the market for physical security equipment and solutions in the United States education sector. This 2023 vertical market report examines key market drivers and barriers for the higher education security vertical, how the higher education and K-12 markets differ and how to win business with higher education end users.

Key Data Points

  • The U.S. market for physical security equipment in higher education is estimated to have been around $417 million in 2022.
  • Higher education accounted for around 43% of the total education equipment market in 2022.
  • Higher education is a complex market for physical security technology. While it's not the most price-sensitive vertical in the United States, budgets are not unlimited, and value is an important consideration.

This Research Report Offers:

  • A higher education security market growth forecast
  • Data and statistics on higher ed security market sectors, expenditures and funding
  • Higher education security equipment market research, covering such segments as video surveillance and access control

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