State Contractor Monitoring and School Security Legislation Updates

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The Security Industry Association (SIA) has joined an industry-led coalition expressing concerns about legislation proposed in more than 25 states to impose onerous new requirements on state contractors that could compromise employee privacy and cybersecurity while unnecessarily increasing costs, particularly for security integrators. 

Lawmakers in several states filed bills that would impose a new requirement for vendors that contract with the state to provide real-time and retroactive access to data for verification of hours of work performed. Arkansas (SB 281); Colorado (SB 169); Illinois (SB 1326HB 2127SB 2828); New Jersey (AB 3989, SB 2960); Texas (HB 1352); and Washington (HB 1744, SB 5809) are just a few states where such legislation has been introduced.

The proposed requirements would apply to contracts worth $100,000 or more and specify that contractors purchase software from a third-party vendor that would:

  • Automatically track total keystroke frequency and mouse movement
  • Capture an image of the computer screen at least once every three minutes
  • Provide continuous, automated updates of real-time cost
  • Allow the governmental entity to provide immediate feedback­
  • Allow the third-party vendor to retain the data for at least seven year­s

While increasing contractor oversight and accountability is a worthy objective, more sensible mechanisms should be considered.

On March 12, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed into law KY SB 1 to help address security gaps at K-12 schools. The new law phases in minimum physical security requirements for schools in the state, including controlling the main (front) entrances of schools with electronic access control and video intercom systems, as well as ensuring all classroom doors can be locked but opened easily from the inside.

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