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What is RISE?

Launched by the Security Industry Association (SIA), RISE is a n​​etworking group that fosters the careers of young professionals in the security industry. The group is available to all young professionals, under 40, or individuals who have been in the security industry for less than 2 years, whose company is a member of SIA.

SIA RISE program for young security professionals 

The RISE program is led by the RISE Committee, a group of SIA member volunteers who champion the role of young professionals in our industry.
Committee chair:
Mairin Priestley, Allegion
Vice co-chairs:
Brendan McFall, Northland Controls
Tim Wenzel, Facebook
SIA staff contact:
Bryan Miller​, 301-804-4717

Why Should I Join RISE?

  • Fun, in-person networking events held during top tradeshows and in major cities across the country
  • Career-growth webinars on topics of interest
  • ​Internship job board as part of the Security Industry Recruitment Center​
  • Scholarships for education and professional development
  • Career tracks at ISC West and East

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