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Security Industry Standards Council (SISC)

The SISC is the Balanced Consensus body that votes on proposed standards that are being considered from the following ANSI-Accredited standards development organizations (SDOs):

  • Security Industry Association
  • The Monitoring Association

Policies and Procedures


Membership on the SISC is open to all directly and materially interested persons. A representative of a prospective voting member shall initially attend a meeting without voting privileges and affirm interest in the work of the SISC along with their proposed interest category. Voting privileges become effective immediately after attendance at one of the next two successive meetings. Failure to attend one of those two successive meetings constitutes withdrawal of the application for voting membership.

To begin the application process, please send a request to the SISC’s Secretariat through the following email:


  • Review and coordinate the standards activities of member SDOs
  • Vote on draft standards submitted by organizationally accredited member SDOs
  • Review proposed new, revised or withdrawn standards and their associated development documentation to approve (or disapprove) actions on ANSI accredited standards
  • Identify and include any additional interest segments in the security industry or SDOs developing standards for the industry
  • Identify related organizations with relevant expertise for SDO assistance and coordination in their individual standards projects
  • Maintain relationships with organizations that could affect the security industry and participate in their standards activities; such as UL and ASIS International


  • Increase overall effectiveness and efficiency of standardization in the security industry
  • Enhance industry standards activities with shared perspectives among industry SDOs
  • Produce, thorough coordination of industry SDOs, high-level standards that harmonize the individual standards activities of the SDOs and optimize the utility of those activities

Get Involved: Volunteer Your Expertise!

Your knowledge and leadership on a SIA committee can help shape the future of the security industry. Contact SIA staff for volunteer opportunities.