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cloud concept
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Cloud Solutions Rise Above On-Premises

Flexibility and Scalability Lead to Increased Migrations Over the past three years, one of the hottest trends within the security market has been the growing demand for cloud-based video services. While many environments still have on-premises solutions, an increasing number of businesses see advantages in moving to the cloud. The cloud delivers new efficiencies while…

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video surveillance
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Four Video Surveillance Trends Alarm Companies Need to Know

Emerging Technologies Can Strengthen Partnerships, Build RMR During the past two years, organizations around the globe have increased their reliance on video surveillance. The explanation as to why is both simple and intricate all at once: Video has become the source of advanced security and operational insights that enables leaders to adapt to the contemporary…

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intelligent video monitoring
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Turning Security From Reactive to Proactive

Intelligent Video Monitoring Can Be Used to Prevent, Not Just Investigate, Crimes Video surveillance has become the primary data source for security and insights that help businesses operate. Typically, video is a reactive process used to investigate a crime after damage has been done. But more impactful solutions are now available. Proactive video monitoring (PVM)…

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COVID safe office
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Using Technology to Bring Employees Back Safely: Touchless Access Control and Other Solutions Enhance Both Security and Health

Will we ever return to the office for good? The rise of the Omicron variant and the pandemic’s rapid resurgence has forced companies to postpone office return dates. However, many companies will soon welcome people back, and they will need to address people’s safety concerns in the process. A Gartner survey of global HR leaders…

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