Counter-UAS Working Group

Event venues are limited in their ability to establish counter-uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) given the myriad of regulatory nuances and lack of a clear national framework for addressing the topic. The Biden administration has published a plan to address this concern, the Domestic Counter-UAS National Action Plan.

The SIA Counter-UAS Working Group was created to actively support the work needed to accomplish the recommendations of the national action plan and further educate and give authorities options to mitigate UAS attacks. This group collaborates with external organizations and recruit industry experts aligned with this goal; tracks and monitors supportive legislation; and identifies, educates and engages legislators.

SIA Counter-UAS Working Group Members

The Counter-UAS Working Group is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Bill Edwards (Chair), Building Intelligence
  • Sean A. Ahrens, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.
  • Jason Cansler, UASidekick
  • Dan Dunkel, Dedrone
  • Brett Feddersen, D-Fend Solutions
  • Casey Flanagan, AeroVigilance
  • KC Jones, Gate Keeper Enterprises
  • Roger Jordan, SAIC
  • Craig Kubala, Imperative Systems
  • David Lewin, Echodyne
  • John Petrone, Petrone Risk
  • Mark Schreiber, Safeguards Consulting
  • David Segalini, Imperative Systems
  • Mike Stoll, Automatic Systems Inc.
  • Koby Tanzer, Imperial Capital
  • Jayde Wilks, DroneShield
  • Linda Ziemba, AeroDefense
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Identity and Biometric Technology Advisory Board (IBTAB)


Using multiple biometric markets and factors for authentication

About the IBTAB

Mission Statement

Our mission: To promote the advancement and adoption of innovative biometric and digital identification solutions to secure critical assets, protect individual identity, safeguard propriety data, and enhance consumer experience. Biometric and digital identification solutions must be used in an ethical and lawful manner, without discrimination against any particular individual or groups. The SIA Identity and Biometric Technology Board (IBTAB) is an exclusive advisory panel to the SIA Board of Directors. IBTAB is comprised of biometric and digital identification experts who guide SIA’s engagement with operators of critical infrastructure both in private and public sectors. IBTAB’s technical expertise focuses on the operational and scalable features embedded within advanced biometric and digital identification solutions, and IBTAB members are prepared to work with policymakers and decision makers interested in understanding such solutions.

Membership Criteria

Eligibility for membership in the IBTAB extends to SIA manufacturers and solutions providers who perform research and development, design, testing, distribution, and deployment of biometric and digital identification solutions. Member companies include:

  • EyeLock
  • IdentyTech Solutions
  • Leidos
  • Microsoft
  • Paravision
  • Princeton Identity
  • Rank One Computing
  • SAIC
  • Suprema
  • Veridas
  • ZKTeco

Advisory Board Members

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Facial Recognition Working Group

The mission of SIA’s Facial Recognition Working Group is to advise and participate in legislative advocacy and communications efforts, help determine priority areas of focus and support initiatives serving the needs of the industry. The group also works to ensure SIA and its members – as subject matter experts in facial recognition technology and its uses – participate as stakeholders in the development of any policies affecting the use of facial recognition technology.

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Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee helps identify and advise SIA members regarding legislation, regulations and other policy trends or pending government actions affecting the security industry and makes high-level recommendations for related actions.

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