Identity and Biometric Technology Advisory Board (IBTAB)

Using multiple biometric markets and factors for authentication

Mission Statement

Our mission: To promote the advancement and adoption of innovative biometric and digital identification solutions to secure critical assets, protect individual identity, safeguard propriety data, and enhance consumer experience. Biometric and digital identification solutions must be used in an ethical and lawful manner, without discrimination against any particular individual or groups.

The SIA Identity and Biometric Technology Board (IBTAB) is an exclusive advisory panel to the SIA Board of Directors. IBTAB is comprised of biometric and digital identification experts who guide SIA’s engagement with operators of critical infrastructure both in private and public sectors. IBTAB’s technical expertise focuses on the operational and scalable features embedded within advanced biometric and digital identification solutions, and IBTAB members are prepared to work with policymakers and decision-makers interested in understanding such solutions.

Membership Criteria

Eligibility for membership in the IBTAB extends to SIA manufacturers and solutions providers who perform research and development, design, testing, distribution, and deployment of biometric and digital identification solutions.

Member companies include:

  • EyeLock
  • Galaxy Control Systems
  • IdentyTech Solutions
  • Leidos
  • Microsoft
  • NEC Corporation of America
  • Paravision
  • Princeton Identity
  • SAIC
  • ZKTeco

Advisory Board Members

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Facial Recognition Working Group

The mission of SIA’s Facial Recognition Working Group is to advise and participate in legislative advocacy and communications efforts, help determine priority areas of focus and support initiatives serving the needs of the industry. The group also works to ensure SIA and its members – as subject matter experts in facial recognition technology and its uses – participate as stakeholders in the development of any policies affecting the use of facial recognition technology.

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Global Commerce Working Group

The Security Industry Association’s (SIA’s) Global Commerce Working Group educates SIA members on ongoing bilateral and multilateral trade issues and pertinent security – both physical and cyber – issues impacting global supply chains used by various SIA members. Additionally, the group helps guide SIA’s actions on related policy developments.

The Global Commerce Working Group is open to members possessing specialized expertise in trade and supply chain issues and members wishing to learn more about these issues related to their work responsibilities.

Goals for the working group include:

  • Identify legislative, regulatory or other policy proposals that fit the group’s scope and objectives and require SIA advocacy or education to members
  • Drive educational content across the industry from the SIA brand and platform
  • Conduct outreach to appropriate government agencies to ensure SIA may provide input into key proceedings and agency actions on supply chain policies impacting the security industry
  • Conduct outreach to international security organizations and associations and collaborate on joint projects, initiatives and forums
  • Identify and plan future SIA forum and panel discussion initiatives on topics of interest impacting trade and supply chain security
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Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee advises SIA members regarding legislation, regulations and other pending government actions affecting the security industry and makes recommendations for related actions.

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Identity Working Group

The Identity Working Group promotes the effective use of identity management solutions in the public and private sectors by providing resources and insight to policymakers on biometrics, physical and logical access control systems, Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) infrastructure and other related issues.

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Procurement Policy Working Group

The Procurement Policy Working Group serves as a forum for members to discuss policy issues that impact their ability to conduct business with government customers and help guide SIA’s involvement on procurement policy issues.

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State & Local Policy Working Group

The State & Local Policy Working Group monitors state government activities affecting the development, use and sale of security solutions and provides insight into the state legislative challenges facing the industry while shaping SIA’s engagement on these issues.

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