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SIA Standards Committee

Chair: Mr. Steve Van Till, Brivo Systems
Vice Chair: Mr. Rob Zivney, Identification Technology Partners, Inc. (IDTP)

The SIA Standards Committee serves as the guiding body of SIA Standards programs. Its members work together to develop, promote and advocate industry standards in a coordinated effort with other standards and specification writing bodies. The Standards Committee is chaired by a member of the SIA Standards Committee and is comprised of Standards Subcommittee Chairs and participants with specific interest areas from the security industry.

The SIA Standards Committee also coordinates and takes a leadership role in the following activities:

  • Security Industry Standards Council (SISC) – The SISC serves as the guiding body for standards activities of three major Security Industry SDO's – SIA Standards, the Central Station Alarm Association and the Electronic Security Association (formerly the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association).
  • Cloud & Mobility Steering Group- As a precursor to a new SIA Standards subcommittee, the Cloud Steering group is currently working toward defining SIA Standard's role in the rapidly advancing field of cloud services and mobility. The group will soon be seeking wider industry input on their first deliverable – a technology application paper.


News, Events & Information:

Meeting Agendas and Minutes:

Meeting Date







​2013/11/21 Ag​endaMinutes
​​2013/06/25​​--- Minutes


2012/11/16 AgendaMinutes
2012/10/30 AgendaMinutes
2012/03/29 Agenda Minutes
2011/10/02Agenda Minutes
2011/04/06 Agenda Minutes
2010/10/03 Agenda
2010/03/24 Agenda Minutes
2009/10/28 Agenda Minutes
2009/04/01 Agenda Minutes
2008/10/29 Agenda Minutes
2008/04/02 Agenda Minutes
2007/09/11 Agenda Minutes
2007/03/28 Agenda Minutes
2006/10/24 Agenda Minutes
2006/04/05 Agenda Minutes
2005/08/24 Agenda Minutes
2005/04/06 Agenda Minutes
2004/11/03 Agenda Minutes
2004/03/31 Agenda Minutes





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