Women in Biometrics Awards

Recognizing Innovative Women in the Biometrics Technology Market

About the Women in Biometrics Awards

The SIA Women in Biometrics Awards are a globally recognized program presented by SIA with support from sponsors IDEMIA and Paravision and organizational and media supporters AVISIANBiometric UpdateFindBiometrics and SIA’s Identity & Biometric Technology Advisory Board and Women in Security Forum. The Women in Biometrics Awards are dedicated to recognizing innovative women creating a more secure world by guiding the biometrics technology market.

More information, including details on submitting nominations, criteria and the judging process, is available at womeninbiometrics.com.

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SIA 2022 Women in Biometrics Award Winners: Gena Alexa, CEO and Founder, Dignari; Amanda Conley, Chief, Human Capital Branch, Office of Biometric Identity Management, U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Delia McGarry, Senior Director, U.S. Department of State, IDEMIA National Security Solutions; Diane Stephens, Biometric Standards Coordinator, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Bobby Varma, Co-Founder and CEO, Princeton Identity

2022 SIA Women in Biometrics Award Winners

  • Gena Alexa, CEO and founder, Dignari
  • Amanda Conley, chief, Human Capital Branch, Office of Biometric Management (OBIM), U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Delia McGarry, senior director, U.S. Department of State, IDEMIA National Security Solutions
  • Diane Stephens, biometric standards coordinator, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Bobby Varma, co-founder and CEO, Princeton Identity

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Previous Winners


  • Marta García Gomar, IDENTY Touchless ID
  • Amy Turluck, director, Biometrics Operations Directorate, U.S. Department of Defense


  • Jeni Best (U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), DHS
  • Anne May (OBIM, DHS)
  • Mei Ngan (NIST)
  • Lauren Reed (IDEMIA National Security Solutions)
  • Annet Steenbergen (Aruba Happy Flow Project)


  • Debra Marcopulos (OBIM, DHS)
  • Dana Michalski (Defence Science and Technology Group, Government of Australia)
  • Nicole Spaun (IDEMIA National Security Solutions)
  • Sherry Stein (SITA)


  • Kelly Gallagher (NEC Corporation of America)
  • Lisa MacDonald (OBIM, DHS)
  • Colleen Manaher (CBP, DHS)
  • Lora Sims (Ideal Innovations, Inc.)
  • Anne Wang (Gemalto Cogent)


  • Kimberly Del Greco (Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI))
  • Isabelle Moeller (Biometrics Institute)
  • Liane Moriyama (Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center)
  • Stephanie Schuckers (Clarkson University)
  • Frances Zelazny (BioCatch)


  • JoAnn Buscaglia (FBI Laboratory)
  • Tovah LaDier (IBIA)
  • Elham Tobassi (NIST)
  • Teresa Wu (MorphoTrak)


  • Janice Kephart
  • Kimberly Mills
  • Celeste Thomasson
  • Cathy Tilton
  • Patricia Wolfhope